Chris O'Neil
Chris O’Neil- The SoftwoodPro

My name Is Christopher O’Neil, founder, and author of Softwoodpro. I am passionate about woodworking with a bit of inclination toward softwoods.

Growing up, I spent majority of my time on my grandfather’s ranch, specifically in his woodworking shop where I developed incomparable love for this art.

After high school, I furthered my studies by specializing in wood science, and after graduation, I worked successfully with different organizations in Forestry and Wood Mining. I have done several lectures and public talks on wood science and environmental awareness.

I’m also the chair of a DIY woodworking organization in my community. During my time as the community head of woodworkers, I decided to create softwoodpro.com to help create awareness about these softwoods and where it offers as much as their hardwood counterpart.

I intend to use this platform to educate my readers on different aspects of softwoods, I’ll offer tutorials on constructing and maintaining different structures crafted from woods like Cedar, Pine, and Spruce.

Regardless of my many years of experience in this field, I still consider myself a student of woodworking and will be willing to learn even as I educate. Therefore, I welcome all of you to interact with me through different educative steps on this platform.


My mission is to avail helpful information to all the readers out there in a bid to make working with Softwood an enjoyable experience.


My work is founded on strong professional ethics with a drive to offer the very best information about softwoods.